Focus Bootcamp

5 Days Focus Bootcamp!


Are you looking for a reset moment in which you can complete a whole list of things to free up your mind space for more important things? During a productivity retreat, you work in a supportive environment, in total involvement and focus to actually get important things done!

The retreat in a nutshell.

During the retreat, you really get away from your normal environment for a while.

Shorten your to-do list considerably

Every day – short intensive workshop in which you learn valuable techniques to strengthen your productivity, focus, and time management.

Choose to set aside five full days to work on your goals.

Healthy food and space for energizing breaks.

Stop wasting energy on thinking or worrying about the things you want to
happen, but instead, put that energy into actually doing it.

Get rid of your daily grind and can forget the daily worries for a while.

Work in silence on the things that need to be tackled.

Take space to think and find encouragement about the direction you want to go.

This retreat is not intended to be an escape from the issues you need to deal with.

We apply psychological principles to maximize focus and productivity, but we do not problematize your situation. You step into an energetic and motivating atmosphere with us in which you quickly feel that you are making progress. During this retreat, that is the way to convert unease into satisfaction. Participants come to make serious successes and tackle the issues they need and want to work on one by one. This retreat is perfect for you if you feel like making progress in a stimulating environment and if you have the ambition to take it to the next level.
Location and facilities

Hof van Kairos Vosseveldseweg 17, 7107 AD Winterswijk Kotten
Beautiful location in a quiet environment, few incentives to get distracted so you can work in concentration and think about important next steps. Various places at the location where you can work, both in the rooms and in the studio with a view of the vegetable and herb garden. Because we are seasoned and do not leave the completion of some tough jobs to chance, there is also a printer, scanner, and paper shredder on site. A variety of office supplies (perforator, stapler, stamps, envelopes) are available to ensure maximum completion!

For who is it?

Knowledge workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. Anyone who has the need to work on goals in deep concentration in a few days. Due to the unique content during this week, you will get an incredible amount of work done, much more than in a normal week. In short, during the productivity retreat, we guide you to get started with the things you really want to do or feel you should do. You may have had a full head for a long time, but you don’t feel the energy needed to regain clarity. Or maybe you just want to make progress on a project that you can always spend limited time on, while you do believe in it.

Costs & registration

Focus Bootcamp


This investment in yourself includes the cost of the 5-day transformative
productivity retreat + accommodation + breakfast/lunch/vegetarian dinner and
unlimited water/coffee/tea during the flow work blocks.
There are eight places
available in a single room 450€.
– and two places in a double room 400€.

Laten we kennismaken!


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